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Kitchen Extensions Built in D3 Dublin Best Builders For House Extensions Dublin | Meath

Why You Might Need a Kitchen Extension in D3 Dublin

We specialise in delivering high quality new homes, Kitchen extensions D3 Dublin, open plan living, engineering and architectural consultancy in D3 Dublin. Our staff have completed very successful projects right across Dublin and Meath. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in open plan living areas over the years. All our staff are qualified and professional personnel from the construction sector and have vast experience in building kitchen extensions.
We have unmatched experience in refurbishing period and modern properties in cluding adding kitchen extensions, modern kitchen extensions and contemporary kitchen extensions in D3 Dublin. We have interior designers who engage personally with all our clients, and build a working relationship and understand the client’s type of finishing’s, including the most modern and up todate kitchen appliances. We work with the best in the business from high end kitchen companies, natural stone merchants and solid floor specialists and interior designers and specialists kitchen designers.

Kitchen Extensions D3 Dublin – Only Have The Best Builders Build Your New House or Kitchen Extension in D3 Dublin

We build two storey house extensions as well as beautiful new kitchen extensions in D3 Dublin. Our new extensions are built to create a large living room and a large bedroom above. The additional space was to be created in a way that did not look like an extension, but part of the original house. A beautiful gable to match the original gables was also built, which provided a lot more additional space than would have been achieved by dormers, and also improves a sea view over the neighbours house if it was an issue. The ground floor extension is fully glazed to become an ‘indoor part’ of the small garden.

House Extensions and Kitchen Extensions D3 Dublin Hints and Tips For A Successful Building Project.

Before starting to design a Kitchen or house extension,we believe in talking to an architect or designer, in Dublin there are a number of basic questions to ask yourself and issues to think about. These will help you to define the type and size of the kitchen extension best suited to your needs and identify some options and constraints in relation to how you extend your house to the best configuration for your comfortable and ease of living.

What kind of extensions and rooms are needed, e.g. bedrooms, bigger kitchen, study room, storage etc? within your new house extension in D3 Dublin.

• Is there a need to provide storage space
for bins and bicycles?
• How much space is needed for car
parking within your house site?
• Has the house been extended before?
• How should the new rooms connect with
existing rooms to be most useful?
• Is it important that the new space can be
easily adapted for other uses in the future
if your needs change? e.g. converting a
new ground floor study to a bedroom.
• How much time do you spend in the
garden? Do you want to retain a large
private garden area at the rear?
• Is it better to convert the attic into a room
to meet your space requirements and
minimise loss of garden? If so have you
sufficient space and height in the attic to
convert it to a usable room and enough
head height to install a staircase?

Appearance of the kitchen extension in Dublin

• What are the basic design features of the
house, e.g. shape of windows, decorative
• What shape and pitch of roof does it
• What materials is it built from?
• Are there details of the original house
that should be kept and used in the new
extension, e.g. chimneys, window design,
decorative details?
• How have other properties in the street
been extended?
• Have you strong ideas about what the
new extension should look like?

Building a kitchen extension needs as much thought as would go into a new house build, so it is always best to seek the very best advice from qualified building professionals who can build and deliver a top class kitchen extension in D3 Dublin.
Check with the appropriate local government office for their regulations and advice.

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